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    Eva Leemans


    For those of you that don’t know me, I recently started training with movision. I come from a dance background and offer classes in group Improvisation in neukölln in March.
    So if you’d be interested in expanding your movement vocabulary and researching the relation to others through movement, drop me a message 🙂

    I wish you all a successful day!



    Information zum Event von Eva Leemans:

    A physical and playful exploration of ourselves in relation to others.

    The 3 sessions will look at group improvisation from 3 different angles and will invite you to observe, question, play, explore and enjoy within the proposed frame.

    10 March: Decide: Between instant response and choice

    17 March: Communicate: Between listening and proposing

    24 March: Play: Between freedom and commitment

    In the group improvisation sessions, we explore how to move/behave as an individual within a collective. We will learn to listen to all the information present in our body as collected from outside and inside stimuli and develop a state of instant response. Through different movement tasks the moving body is constantly negotiating – following and deciding at the same time.
    Each week the class will consist of individual explorations, partner exercises, and group tasks to end with a guided group improvisation.
    Through group improvisation, we will aim to become authentic, present, adaptable and social movers. We will learn to develop a strong connection to our self so we can communicate and play confidently with others around us

    Full workshop (3 sessions): €21 (registration deadline 9th of March)
    1 session early bird: €8 (registration before 9th of March)
    1 session: €10 (registration until 24hours before the class

    to register please send an e-mail to eva.leemans@hotmail.com

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